Thursday, July 31, 2014

10 Years and I still Love You Just The Same

        Ten years ago today our family and friends gathered on the grass in my parent's back yard- I hurriedly threw on my wedding dress when I realized it was ten minutes before I was to walk down the isle- I heard you had arrived and poked my head out the patio door and there you were pacing around on the grass. I was nervous but not scared- if there has ever been one thing I was sure of it's you. I knew it from that moment standing on the street in Times Square- I knew it the moment you walked back into my life- it's always been you!

      So babe heres to ten more wonderful, crazy, frantic, broke assed years- I'm so glad you chose me to be in the fox hole with you! I love you!

Ummm also if anyone has seen Adam Hardy...

P.S. Thank you to our parents for all their love and support over the years- thank you to Pia and John for setting an example for us of what it means to be part of a team- thank you to Heather and Kyle for being our closest allies- the children may out number the adults at times but it's nothing we can't handle! Lots of love to you all thank you for being on this journey with us- missing you all immensely today and every day!

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