Monday, July 21, 2014

Into The Woods

         In extreme contrast to the past couple of weeks we awoke to grey cloudy skies this past weekend- the clouds slung low over the North Shore mountains came as a bit of a relief after weeks of extreme heat. Waking up refreshed from a good night sleep on Sunday morning we decided to head to the forest and trails around Sasamat Lake- out past Anmore near Port Moody British Columbia. Our little family lived in Port Moody for  a year- trying the whole suburban thing- we haven't visited this beautiful place since we moved back downtown three and a half years ago.

         The last time we walked these trails Miss Lo was a wee- tiny babe- all cuddled up in the Ergo and The Boy was much shorter but equally curious about the world. It was with a bit of nostalgia for this young family that we re-traced our steps and ventured further beyond- bigger and even more inquisitive kids hiking independently. The day was full of bird watching, fungus spotting and learning all about nurse trees- spotting and identifying each item as we went.

          All agreed it was a perfect day- so quiet and peaceful- the cool wind on our faces- a light drizzle on our shoulders. This is exactly what we had all been needing - a respite from the heat- we are indeed a real West Coast family- operating better in cooler weather. Days like this fill me up for the week- sitting here on Monday morning- easing into another sunny day- looking at these memories from yesterday I am reminded of the beauty that surrounds us and how lucky we are to live here.

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