Friday, July 18, 2014

Gone Fishing

        This morning we are waking up to news of a large forest fire burning out of control in our beloved Okanagan valley- it hits very close to home with some of our dear friends being on evacuation alert and family members actually being evacuated from their home. Our hearts are breaking watching this place burn on the news- a feeling of hopelessness has descended- there is nothing anyone can do but watch.

        This time last week we were still there with our family enjoying everything the Okanagan has to offer- including a trip to the back country with my Dad to go fishing on one of the many small lakes that dot the mountains. When we were out there it was very evident that conditions were tinder dry- when we were out there we also noticed many incidents of human carelessness including lots of garbage. This place is beautiful and special and yet people feel they can't be bothered to pick up beer cans and fishing wire.

           On the day we went the skies were clear and blue- the mosquitos and black flies buzzed thick  around our faces -as did the dragon flies on the water and in the reeds. The Boy was equally excited about riding in Poppa's truck as he was to be going fishing- excited to get to sit up front and up high- he was excited about the roadies* Poppa brought along- he was just excited about pretty much everything!

         While the Gents got down to the business of fishing- the teaching and learning of casting- I settled into my spot at the bow of the boat- in charge of the anchor and catching a few rays. My idea of fishing is slightly different than theirs- it was so quiet with no other people around- the wind and the water were almost the same temperature.

          This is how my sister and I grew up- being dragged along to all these fishing holes by or parents- thick with bugs and heat and not many fish. Long ago I learned it isn't about the actual catching of fish- which is nice- but about the quiet- the escape from daily routine- escape from a hot house. This landscape holds my heart and it always will- I am so happy that we were able to spend such a beautiful day at this beautiful lake while the skies were still clear!

     Dear Friends it is Friday again- this summer is just flying by- if you need me this weekend you can find me and my friend- fine boxed wine- basking out on our deck. After weeks of travel we are going to take it easy and stick pretty close to home. Thinking of our family and friends in West Kelowna today- much love and peace.

*roadies- a roadie is a beverage for the road- in certain circles it is ginger ale and juice boxes

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