Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thrifted Thursday

       I wasn't going to do a Thrifted Thursday today- I already posted my thrifted pic to Instagram- then I realized how could I not post this picture! The longer I look at it the longer I feel time shifting to 1994- the year I graduated and my actual life began- in fits and starts but it did begin the moment I walked across that stage. I carried almost this exact bag for all of my Grade 12 year- I carried it that morning to my Grad ceremony and then later that night to a crazy bush party- yeah thats a thing in rural British Columbia- bush parties yeash! I more than likely was also wearing my favourite pair of Birkenstock sandals- only because it was either that or my well worn Doc Martens- which was unlikely in June.

     I have spent all of my years carrying my life in some sort of bag on my back or on my shoulders- usually too much stuff- a heavy sketch book or novel is usually in the mix- consistently this has been the case since I was a child. The miles I have traveled since I was eighteen are too many to count- but still I walk in well worn Birkenstocks carrying my too heavy bag of tricks. Reluctant to let too much go.

     So this Thrifted Thursday is an ode to my eighteen year old self- funny how as much as most things change many really don't change at all- including but not limited to my choice in footwear and bags- my Gypsy lifestyle- my love of the beach and all things water related. If I could go back and talk to eighteen year old me I wonder what I would say- all the warnings I would give should go ungiven because with out mistakes made I would not be where or who I am today. Perhaps I would just tell he "everything is going to be OK". So cliche perhaps but twenty years out I am more than fine with what I have turned out to be- I'm still eighteen- I still have no idea what the heck is going on- and I'm OK with that!

P.S. To all the Grads of 1994- they said this day would come- in the Valedictorian speeches made across Canada they spoke of our future and how one day WE would be in charge- that day is now! How does it feel?

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