Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Plain Jane Studio Update

         I have been spending a tonne of time outdoors as of late- mostly at the beach- which is pretty natural considering how spoiled we are out on the West Coast- it makes up for the endless weeks of rain in the winter. There really is nothing quite like an entire day spent on the beach- surrounded by blue- skies and water. So it only makes sense that this colour has followed me home and into the studio!

        Loads of new items are finally making their way onto the virtual shelves of my Plain Jane Etsy shop- these wee Wabi Sabi quilted hot mits are among my favourites I think! I am getting excited not only about colour but about quilting as well- piecing those little gems together makes my heart sing!

          A few weeks ago I started my indigo vat and it was life changing- I've taken some of that lovely hand dyed indigo fabric and quilted it into these great little one off throw pillows. I only have one in the shop currently due to popular demand (ahem) but more will be online soon- along with a much bigger project that I am swooning over- and possibly panicking about. I'm working on a full sized pieced quilt- I've been working with other natural dyes and can't wait to see how it all starts coming together!

          Studio work not with standing I am actually heading out on vacation soon- two glorious weeks in the Okanagan- we all can't wait to be under those clear skies- floating in the lake. So this next week I will be wrapping up a few custom orders- getting things all tied up before hitting the road. Of course being on vacation doesn't mean idleness - I'm looking forward to working on my quilt- perhaps getting some expert help from my Mom who is my quilting Guru!

          As a painter my surroundings always influenced my pallet- how could it not? Now as a fibre artist I find myself drawn once again to nature for inspiration- the colours naturally lending themselves to quilting and natural dyes. I'm finding myself charged and often with out enough hours in the day- as we head towards the longest day of the year I'm honouring the natural rhythm of the season- working as much as I can and soaking it all in!

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