Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Spring

        This winter has been so long and grey I will be the first to say that I am happy to see Spring! Over the weekend I feel like the air changed- everything became a bit softer- the colour, the feel, the weight of the air. As I looked around our apartment and more specifically at my clothes I realized there is still a tonne of darkness lingering and something needs to be done about that!

      So starting today I am summerizing our family- yes this may jinx the whole nice weather thing but it's a chance I need to take- I am packing away all the heavy woolly things and bringing forward the light and colourful goodies. While we do have a lot of white and neutral happening in our home I am going to inject spots of colour with stacks of beautiful books, textiles and more plants!

            The stack of lovely fabric in the first picture is destined to become Miss Lo's summer wardrobe- I am going through my fabric stash and using up what I have on hand. Kid's Clothing Week is fast approaching and I am getting ready with a game plan- an hour of sewing a day- totally doable! Last Spring I got a bit carried away with the whole idea and sewed a garment a day- it was a lot of work but in the end I came away with five fresh items for the Littles! I'm also starting to think about my own warm weather wardrobe- what styles and colours to go for this year.

         We live so close to the ocean it's hard not to be influenced by the ever changing shades of blues and greys- I think my favourite combo is cobalt blue, tan and white- pulled directly from the edge of the beach- where the land meets the sea. Fresh and powerful I think this may be my pallet for this year. So this morning you can find my curled up with a second cup of coffee- one eye on that pile of fabrics - perusing through stacks of design books- searching for some inspiration- cause Spring is like that- full of desire for change!

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  1. Loving that stack of fabrics! Inspiring me to get started as well. Wait, still need to finish those winter sweaters which are quickly becoming colder day Spring sweaters!


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