Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Breaking

        School days are hard- routine is hard- for us anyways- and so I may or may not have jumped for joy last Thursday afternoon as we picked The Boy up from school for the last time before Spring Break! I am that Mom who struggles to get the kids dressed, fed and out the door with an actual balanced lunch. I am that Mom who would much rather sleep in and lounge around in jammies until our friends knock on the door to come and play. School really cramps my style!*

       This week of Spring Break has been wonderful- sleeping in till a much more civilized hour of 8:00 has been Heavenly- I am loving letting the kids eat whatever cereal they want- who cares if it's Lucky Charms*? Spring Break is like one giant weekend! This break is well deserved by all parents- not just the kiddos! I'm feeling a real holiday vibe running through our lives right now and I can guarantee that we are not wasting any time this week.

      With that said our most recent adventure was yesterday- the first official day of Spring! Boy oh boy Mother Nature did not disappoint- the sun was out and it was glorious- if only the tiniest bit windy down by the water. One of our favourite local spots is Sunset Beach on the banks of False Creek- it's with in walking distance and fairly central to the homes of our friends- so we often meet up for a play here. Of course lots of the usual collecting went on- rocks, sticks and shells- of course many sandcastles were built and destroyed.

             What I love best about the beach is the freedom it affords our Littles- they can run and play and have a certain amount of freedom that doesn't exist too many places in the city. This is a place for us all to relax- the Moms can just hang out and chat with a coffee keeping one eye on the Littlest- making sure she doesn't go in the water! 

                 Coming from a small town I have always associated the first day of Spring with being outside- celebrating the change of seasons with time spent in Nature. Now that we live in the city I think it is conscious effort on my part to seek out nature on what is surely one of my favourite days! Longer days are finally here- I can sense warmer days are right around the corner- shorts, bare feet and ice cream for dinner- surely that is a reason to celebrate!

         It is Friday again dear Friends- this week went by so fast as often does when one is on vacation! This weekend will hopefully prove to be a bit more gentle on us- no travelling just plenty on hiking! Happy Friday Friends- much love to you all!

*by style I mean I am lazy and like to sleep in
** we only occasionally allow sugar cereal like Lucky Charms as a treat- I was just being flip about it!


  1. This is the reason I miss BC. It's hard to still have snow on the ground (and it snowed yesterday!) when all I want to do is go hang out by the water and let my kids run and play.

  2. I think we are super spoiled- I'm pretty sure I could never live anywhere colder than Vancouver!


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