Monday, December 23, 2013

Snow Day: Part Deux

If you will remember about a week ago Vancouver got a skiff of snow- a light dusting if you will- Friday however was the really big show- snow: part deux if you will! In fact it could have been a bonafide snow day in the eyes of many Vancouverites- it was just that much snow! By now it will most likely have melted and become a distant memory to many of us- but I thought I would share Miss Lo's and my magical snow adventure-AKA how it took us almost three hours to get to Granville Island!

        We had a bit of last minute Christmas shopping to do and so we set out for Granville Island early on Friday morning- we walked over to the closets bus stop to wait for the direct bus to the island- we waited and Miss Lo frolicked in the snow- we waited and our mitts became sodden- we waited and our toes grew numb- the bus never came. Not to bore you with all the details but we ended up walking from the closest sky train station to our destination. Once again with much thanks to serendipity what was just a run of the mill day became magical.

       One of the things I love most about Vancouver is that as soon as the snow starts falling folks disappear- aside from a few intrepid souls Miss Lo and I had the streets to ourselves- down through the slopes of Fairview we wandered down to the sea wall. making snow balls and playing along the way- enjoying how the snow becomes the universal equalizer- making all spaces clean and white. Aside from the occasional whir of stuck tires and the shrieks of school children on recess the air was quiet with the falling snow.

       We made finally made it to Granville Island- had our hot chocolate- bought our books and caught a bus home. By the time you read this the snow will be melted and life in this coastal city will be back to normal- but for one day we had this winter magic- a gift- perhaps just what we needed!

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