Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thrifted Thursday

      By now I am sure that all readers know about my obsession with collecting- AKA vintage shopping! Vintage doesn't just stop with clothes for me or cool house wares- my vintage obsession has naturally transitioned down to my Littles. Both kids but especially Miss Lo love "old" things- they both have an eye for seeing vintage items in heaps of second hand things at the charity shops.

     It was during a bit of Mummy- Daughter time just last week that Miss Lo spotted this adorable little wool pea coat hanging on the bottom rack of one of our favourite vintage haunts- Community Thrift and Vintage on Cordova St. Community has two locations that are equally fabulous- the unisex shop is on Cordova and the ladies Frock Shop is over on Carrall St- both shops have a well curated selection of children's clothes- in addition to fantastic treasures for ladies & gents. This really is my go- to spot when I am in the mood for something fresh for my closet.

       It never ceases to amaze me the quality- the work and detail that went into vintage clothing- not to mention how much more interesting vintage clothing is! This wee jacket features leather & cotton loops & beautiful toggles- the hood is super generous - providing loads of space for an extra hat or scarf. I'm loving that my Littles are starting to get more excited about the thrill of the hunt at vintage and thrift stores than they are about popular merchandised t-shirts. Watching them develop their eye is fascinating to witness- and fairly risk free as children's vintage clothing is very affordable still. Saving the environment and looking stylish- sometimes I really do feel like a super hero!

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