Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tales From The Weekend

     This weekend was all about recuperating- we have had a really rough couple of weeks with nasty colds and flus making their rounds. I have heard this is very common when a child enters school- I had no idea what we were in for- we have all been sick for an entire month. After being tucked into the couch and our beds for the past few days we all felt in need of a bit of fresh air so Sunday we headed out to a place we always feel peaceful in- Deep Cove.

        A couple of us felt well enough to indulge in our favourite Deep Cove treat- donuts from Honey's- light and fluffy buttermilk donuts- simple toppings and a large coffee (for Daddy) make everything better! As does running through leaves, exploring the beach and hunting for crabs and of course a visit to the playground. This is the peace and quiet we have all been craving.

     Fall has been so good in so many ways this year- the weather has been epic and to say we enjoyed it is an understatement- the rain has arrived though and I am starting to feel darker days creeping in. A visit to the Cove lightens our spirits and keeps that darkness at bay. Now is the time to be gentle with ourselves- visit well loved places, indulge in treats that fill our souls and tummies and most importantly of all bundle up and get outside!

      I have to apologize for being absent the past few days- as mentioned we were all not feeling well- I was needed else where in addition I've been feeling really pulled in too many directions and what I really needed was to just unplug and step away for a few days. A day spent snuggled up with my girlie on the couch was heaven- an afternoon spent out running in the fresh air was equally good. A little break was just what I needed! Hope your weekend was super Friends!

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