Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weekdays From Scratch + Minted

        Heading into Winter I am trying to be really organized- last year everything including the Little's holiday photos were super last minute. This year I am determined to be ahead of the game and have my Christmas cards in the mail by late November- which means I have to start designing and ordering them now! This year I am teaming up with a fantastic paper company Minted- they really make the most lovely of products- I am super excited about their selection of photo Holiday cards this year!

     I went onto the Minted site and created my own inspiration board combining my own images with images I loved off Pinterest and that cute little Minted cardinal- I want to create a feel for Winter 2013 at the Kuehnel house. To me a West Coast Winter is all about staying cozy and dry, baking and being together with the folks we love- this is what I want our Holiday cards to translate and now I have a focus for my Holiday card design. Using the Style Board on Minted was easy and really fun- create your own Style Board or browse boards by others to get inspired!
West Coast Winter by Sharilyn, see more Minted art prints

West Coast Winter board by Sharilyn. See more Minted art prints

      Of course Minted has products other than Holiday cards- everything from personalized signage, business cards, birth announcements to party decor with co-ordinating stickers. While I do love the plethora of choices at Minted I am trying to focus my attention on the Holiday Cards- the photo cards are specifically what I am keen on right now- personalize your own family photos using templates selected from Minted Holiday page. Using Minted could not be easier- easy step by step instructions walk you through designing the perfect Holiday keepsake.

      As an artist what appeals to me about Minted is the fresh design and unique features- like rounded or scalloped edges on the cards- it's these little details that catch my eye and I know will make our Holiday card stand out from the stack come December.  As an artist I can also appreciate the impetus behind Minted- the designers behind the products are from all around the world- folks educated in graphic design and folks who have a great eye but no formal training- the designers could be and are anyone! As a Mom what appeals to me- aside from how easy the site is to use- are features like pre-addressed envelopes which is included with all Holiday, birth announcement, and save the date orders- anything that saves me time is a bonus!

         Along the same time saving train of thought a look through the party supplies and decor at Minted offers up plenty of Holiday decorating ideas- I love the photo collages of product that show how easy it is to pull together a fun and modern Holiday. On my personal wish list are those paper straws with adorable flags and the Nordic snowflake stickers- which will look great on kraft paper wrapping but also on our Holiday cards. 

         Minted also offers up a variety of fine art prints and some really interesting ways to print and display photos- I fell in love with this heart shaped collage! One of my biggest issues is how to display the large amount of family photos we have hanging around- all wonderful memories- this would be a great way to showcase those photos in one place.

        Thanks to Mintage I feel like I am really ahead of the game going into winter- my goal is to kick back with multiple mugs of spiked coffee and just enjoy this Christmas with my family and friends- I don't want to be worrying or scrambling to finish projects at all this December. I am already feeling relaxed and excited about Christmas 2013!

*while I did receive compensation for this post all thoughts and opinions are my own


  1. I love the idea of getting Christmas cards out early. I try, I really do. This year I'm going to suck at it, 'cause I want it to also contain a certain announcement. So yeah. I suck. Can't wait to get yours though!

    1. I can't wait to get that certain announcement in the mail! And then see it in person;)


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