Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crafternoon: A Holiday Craft For Non- Crafters

         Around these parts we love a holiday- one of our favourites is Halloween- the perfect combination of celebrating the spooky and fun. It then almost goes with out saying that for every holiday we have a craft- a little coloured paper and a glue stick goes a very long way. I personally like crafts that are simple and easy and that my Littles can participate in as well- so paper crafting is the perfect medium. Yesterday we sat down with a stack of Halloween appropriate papers and got crafting.

         While the Littles were working on their awesome Jack-O- Lanterns for the front door I decided to make a quick and easy Halloween banner to hang along side. This little banner is my craft for the non- crafter- it is just that easy. To start with cut two pieces of 8.5"x 11" pieces of paper in half- we will be using three of these pieces- cut a triangle out of one of the short ends- this will be the bottom of the banner.

          If you have decorative scissors- even pinking shears will do- cut a smaller piece of coloured paper to fit inside the banner piece- about 4"x5" and glue in place- I chose this grey shade to contrast with the black- effectively creating a double matt.

        Trace or draw out the letters-B-O-O- this will be your scary message on the banner- I used stencils but if you are great at lettering try free handing it. Cut out and glue the letters in the centre of each contrasting square on the banner piece.

        Allow the glue to set up and possibly weight down the banner pieces with a book for an hour or so to prevent curling- punch small holes in the top corners of each banner letter and slip onto a piece of string- I used Butcher's Twine but ribbon or jute would also look really cute. Hang to admire!

        I find there is so much available to consumers to purchase around popular Holidays that often it is just too overwhelming- and completely unnecessary. Simple decorations made with humble materials can provide just as big of visual impact as their plastic store bought counter parts. To me Halloween is such a simple childhood event and this little banner is sure to delight!

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