Friday, August 9, 2013

The Smallest Parts

        It's often the smallest parts of our days that are the most magical- the little things that add up to make our days complete. If I were to have written My Favourite Things for The Sound Of Music it would probably have involved coffee- in fact it most likely would have been a song solely about lattes! I love my morning latte- in fact for me the act of making my coffee has in itself become my morning ritual.

     I like to get up before the others- while the air is still cool and still- I get out my little jar of freshly ground Saltspring Island beans- tap a scoop into the espresso basket and then put last nights dishes away while my machine whooshes away- into my favourite apple mug it goes with a frothy topping of milk. Walking through the still sleeping apartment I step out onto the deck- big delivery trucks rumble by and the Seagulls call- the sounds of the city waking up. After about fifteen minutes or so one sleepy baby or other joins me- curled up under their blankies- hatching- still so sweet and quiet.

     Its these twenty or so minutes each morning that often get me through my day- I look forward to them when I wake up in the morning- before life gets too crazy or empty tummies need to be filled. This is time just for Momma to enjoy the quiet- the quiet that I crave come 4pm when life turns upside down in the heat of the day! It's often the smallest parts of our days that are the most magical- you just need to look.

       Friends it is Friday again! We are headed to the pool with a group of friends today- how fun- I am looking forward to immersing myself in cool water for the better part of the day! I'm also looking forward to visiting with some dear friends who are coming to town this weekend- girls who know all my secrets- we are going to have some good times! I hope your weekend finds you with a cool drink in your cup and laughter in your heart! Happy Friday Friends!


  1. I love the idea of getting up before everyone else in the quiet of the day to just sit and absorb the morning's fresh energy. But instead I sleep. When I was less pregnant and bitter I would run in that time. It is a magical time of day, everything is still and fresh, the crisp air is a little damp with fog. Sigh I really should just haul my big ol' butt out of bed and run again. Clearly I need it to clear the cobwebs and lift this funk I'm in. Thanks for the reminder, friend!

    1. You are growing a baby! I say sleep! I also find it difficult to believe you are bitter- tiered yes - bitter not so much! Your time will come again- don't be too hard on yourself! xox


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