Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Time and The Livin is Easy...

        Today we find ourselves half way through July- it is safe to say Summer is well under way- we are finding our Summer grove and loving it! Our family has fallen into a laid back and easy way of living- one with no schedules- one of sleeping in- of water fights and ice cream for dinner.  Now that we have school age children I can see the days ticking off the calender to September and am determined we don't waste a single second of fun!

       Last weekend seemed to go by in the blink of an eye- as we have spent the last two weekends relaxing on beaches and exploring back roads of new towns we had to spend this past weekend playing catch up- just a bit! It is blue berry season- I have come to terms with the fact that we aren't going blue berry picking so we loaded up on 20 lbs at the Farmer's Market- to be washed and frozen today. So many other yummy goodies are in season right now it is easy to shop for the entire week at the Farmer's Market- I am loving the market out at Trout Lake!

       Saturday night found us getting family photos taken by the super talented  photographer, blogger and Mom Lisa Pickard- not only is she easy to work with but she is amazing with the Littles. These images are just quick shots from my phone- I can only imagine what Lisa captured. She chose some pretty magical spots- including a little grove over run with bunnies- Miss Lo was in heaven! Aside from a run in with Blackberry bushes the evening was pretty much a picture perfect Vancouver night!

        I had the good fortune to hold an artist talk on Sunday at Opus Framing and Art Supplies- based on fostering children's connection to nature I presented three fun and easy crafts to help kick start your Little's imaginations. I had such a fun time with the small crowd of lovely souls who were so interested in being there and learning. Thank you to Dallas and the crew at Granville Island who helped get me all set up and supported me during my talk. Over the next week I will be sharing the three crafts that I presented at Opus- the projects are easily done with supplies most people have on hand.

        So here we are at the start of a fresh week- the sliding doors are wide open with the cool marine air seeping in- a light breeze is blowing and the sky is so blue it looks like a crayon. This is a day to hit the beach with buckets and not come home until the sun is setting again- which is just what we will be doing today. After all there are only 48 more days like this left!


  1. Yummmm. The slow life is gooood.

    1. Oh man life is about to get even slower this weekend as we leave for our summer holiday- I can't wait to get home to my parent's house!


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