Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Farmer's Market: West End

       This weekend was car free weekend in many Vancouver neighbourhoods- until recently we have always been car free- we only got our mobile two years ago! So we decided to make this past weekend as much about being on foot and leaving that mobile of ours parked in the garage- there for we stuck a bit closer to home and checked out the West End Farmer's Market.

       The West End holds a special place in our hearts as we lived here for the first five years of our life together- in our perfect- silverfish infested- apartment by the sea- over looking the dumpster- oh nostalgia can do funny things! At any rate The Mr. and I first started coming to the West End market when we first started our foray into eating locally- and this market was super local for us- right up at the end of our street! The market is right on the corner of Comox- across from Nelson Park on Mole Hill- a great combination of community and food coming together.

    So many goodies are in season right now- strawberries, radishes- and as always fantastic artisans like Ildiko. If you are in the market for a gorgeous piece of silver jewelry- Ildiko is your girl- lovely handmade silver pieces mixed with semi precious stones. Keep your eyes peeled for Ildiko and her  hilarious side kick at any number of the Vancouver markets- these folks stuck it out all winter at Nat Bailey and are happy now that sunnier days are here! Check out her web site  and Etsy shop to get an idea of all the lovely shiny things available!

           Aside from the market there is ample space to roam up on Mole Hill- community gardens to check out- dogs to watch and of course the playground. This is indeed our community market- we can walk or bus here- wandering the neighbourhood home after stocking up for the week. I think what I love best about the West End market is that the vendors are only on one side of the street which lends to a more open and less busy feeling- combined with live music, trees and sunny skies- this is one great market!

           Vancouver's West End Farmer's Market is every Saturday from 9am- 2pm- located at the corner of Comox street and Thurlow- it runs from June 1- October 19.

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