Monday, June 17, 2013

Daddy's Day

             There are so many awesome families in this world- knocking it out of the park every single day- so many hard working Moms and Dads- so many configurations of family- parents making it work and putting their Littles at the centre of their worlds. Yesterday was Father's Day- I know so many awesome Dads- boys I went to high school and University with have become men by being awesome Dads. My own Dad is pretty fantastic too- always there for my Littles with some sort of fun times and of course treats!

          We celebrated The Mr. with a car free day- just wondering our neighbourhood and chilling out- we walked- the Littles rode their bikes- OK we chased them most of the time! We made our way into Stanley Park- an amazing place to be on a hot, perfect, Summer day- which yesterday totally was.  The plan- if ever there really was one- was to let the Littles ride as far or as long as they wanted and then maybe bus home- but they made the almost 9km round trip to the water park and home all under their own steam- mostly.

       On a hot Summer day you can expect the trails in Stanley Park to be cool and lush- shaded by ancient giants as well as smaller Dog Wood trees, Apple trees and Wild Rose bushes. It is amazing to me that these giant trees used to cover all of where our city sits- our city was literally carved out of the wilderness.

         A quick short cut through the park- the sea wall would take forever- found us at the water park by Lumberman's Arch- hot dogs and french fries on a blanket in the grass. Icy cold water on toes. New friends to screech around with and "get" with the water cannons. Waterfalls and man made tidal pools to explore- this is an awesome water park!

          As the sun climbed higher in the sky we made our way back to the shady trails under the giant trees- winding down for the ride home. The promise of slushies at our local convenience store was incentive enough to keep the Littles going- their first slushies ever! An entire day spent outside in the sunshine with the people we love best- what a great way to celebrate their Daddy!

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