Monday, March 25, 2013


       One of the best things about living in Vancouver- aside from the beaches is the vast network of bike paths running through out the city. Before kids The Mr. and I used to bike quite a bit- in fact before moving to Vancouver I was a moderately enthusiastic mountain biker- I like the idea but not so much the hard work. At any rate we are pretty stoked that these Little of ours also like riding bikes.

     Living in the heart of the city we have sort of a two pronged approach to bike riding- the first prong of that attack is transportation- getting from point A to point B with the bike trailer in tow- comes in handy when heading out to the pool at Second Beach or in the fall to school. This is loads of fun for Momma and Daddy- but the kids get a bit bored in the trailer.

      Now we recognize that our kiddos do not have a safe culdi sac at the end of their street in which to spend hours free wheeling like their cousins in the Okanagan do. So the Mr. and I have made it a priority to give our kids the freedom of biking on their own- this is the second prong of our approach. This scenario consists of the kids riding on the Sea Wall with The Mr. and I running after them- lots of fun for the Littles and I am sure humorous for anybody who happens to catch a glimpse of me running!

       It is so funny how their attitude towards biking really reflects their personalities- The Boy is super cautious- over thinking peddling and steering at the same time which often results in crashing into something. Miss Lo however is a Speed Racer- a direct quote from earlier today reflects this " I can not slow down Mommy- bikes are supposed to go fast!" Sigh- this is my daughter and I think we are in trouble!

      So we took the Little's bikes out for a spin on the Sea Wall on Sunday- which was teaming with joggers and dog walkers- we should have had a mega phone announcing our procession- letting people know they should clear a path! We rode over to the Olympic Village ad of course could not resist a stop at Terra Breads- it is Hot Cross Bun season!

     I love me some Hot Cross Buns- I told Miss Lo that when I was pregnant with her I could not stop eating Hot Cross Buns- I would stop at Terra Breads on my way to work and by 3 or 4 and eat them all by lunch time- yes I would go back for more in the afternoon! She thinks I am weird.

      The Boy agreed to try a Hot Cross Bun- although he regarded it with suspicion at first- I noticed he was sort of shredding it while eating it but didn't say anything. When he was done his baked Easter treat I asked him how he liked Hot Cross Buns- "all right I supposed- except for the raisins- but all aside from that it was all right"

       We played a few rounds of chase under the giant birds and speculated on the size of the condos surrounding us- then we started the trip home- and although their peddling was a bit slower these Littles of ours made it all the way home on their bikes. The sun was shining brightly and a light breeze blowing as we rounded out our weekend and wound our way back along the Sea Wall!

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