Friday, March 22, 2013


       Ahhh the sun is shining and my hands are getting itchy to dig in some dirt- no it is not chicken pox- it is my natural inclination to get things growing for the season! Inspired by this awesome little seed starter kit from Strathcona Urban Seed Collective we decided to get a few things started this afternoon. While our lettuce, radishes, peas and carrots will have to wait a few more weeks and be sewn directly- today was a good day to start tomatoes.

       I remember as a girl going to my Grandma's house for tea- her tea parties were endless- much information and many cookies could be gathered if one was willing to be patient and quiet. While the tea was steeped in her old Pyrex tea pot- poured out into slightly cracked, well used china cups- the sunshine would stream into her dining nook- dust moats lazily floating down onto the orange Formica table top- my sister and I would sit and listen and look. The dining nook at my Gran's was the perfect spot for her seedlings to get their start in the world- seemingly endless amounts of egg cartons- sitting patiently in the drowsy March sunshine.

      It may be the memory of my Grandma and her seedlings that spurs me forward on this sunny March day- so far away from the orange Formica table and yet still very close. To show my Littles what our Grandma showed my sister and I- how to start a handful of what at first glance appears to be nothing to become something that will nourish our bodies and souls in a way that no store bought anything possibly could.

      I will admit that I am a bit of a novice at this seed stuff- I usually buy my tomato plants all set and ready to go directly into the garden mid May- so this for me is a bit of a gamble- or a science experiment. I am a bit lazy this way- my parents start everything from seed right about now in mini green houses(plastic salad boxes- so clever!) in their basement- I figure if they can do it then we should be able to do it too!

       On the advice of a much more seasoned gardener than myself we are trying out the egg shell method of starting seedlings. The general idea is- get some empty egg shells and clean them out well- punch a tiny hole in the bottom for drainage- fill with soil and plant your seeds- when the seedling starts to get too big simply crack the shell(add it in to the dirt) and plant it into a larger container- easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    These days they are getting longer, warmer and brighter- Spring is here- yes even if it is snowing- as is the case in much of our country- believe it or not Spring is here! Once our little seedlings were planted we brought them inside to our own warm window sill- to patiently wait while tea is drunk near by- a metaphor perhaps- things coming full circle- my own Littles sitting and watching and waiting for their seeds to pop up.

       Friends it is Friday again! We made it through our first Spring Break- OK it was only a week but I am looking forward to school next week! So many cool things happening in our community this weekend but we are sticking close to home with a trip to the Farmer's Market and then dinner with friends! May you have plenty of sunshine at your back laughter in your ears, and coffee in your mug- Happy Friday Friends!

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