Monday, February 25, 2013

The Story of Sunday

        February was put on the calender for one thing and one thing only- to give people and the earth a chance to rest- to relax and catch up on sleep- in my totally scientific opinion that is what February is for. That and Birthdays- but Birthday month is technically drawing to a close! Sunday in Vancouver this week was wet and the perfect day to spend indoors- relaxing. So the Mr. and I grabbed a second latte and settled in to watch the weekend news while the Littles played one of their favourite games and munched on P.B. & J sandis- a perfectly relaxing Sunday morning.

      While last weekend was all about connecting with friends and community this weekend was spent fairly close to home- just relaxing- not really doing anything at all. After lunch on Sunday we tried to get some fresh air with a walk through the neighbourhood and as you can see it was  pretty damp. The Littles went with the Mr. over to his office and I strolled home for some much needed quiet Momma time.

     Being kid free does not happen too often for me- I usually have at least one of them with me- so I took full advantage of the situation and stopped into a few favourite shops on my way home- Community Thrift is seriously the best thrift store in our neighbourhood- really well curated- fresh stuff all the time. I scored this adorable embroidered dresser scarf that I am going to sew up into a summer top for Miss Lo. There are two Community Thrifts- one of Cordova for men and one on Carrall St for women- they also carry a small selection of children's clothes- really unique and interesting finds.

     I also could not pass up the opportunity to stop in for a gander at our neighbourhood yarn shop- Wool Is Not Enough- between Carrall and Columbia on Cordova St. This shop is a super cool space and the owner is really an interesting lady to chat with- lets not even talk about the friendly cat who lives there and can often be seen chillin in the window display. I found some gorgeous linen and silk yarns that I am excited to try out in a project later this week- not your regular knitted item- stay tuned!

     Now this lovely chunky Merino wool will pair nicely with this over sized wood button (picked up on Saturday) - either I'm going to knit a cowl for me or another pom pom hat for Miss Lo. I think the successful domination over my tunic pattern last week has spurred me into creative mode- all I want to do is sew and make things!

    I am by nature a very quiet person- as in I like to be quiet and be in quiet- I enjoy meditating and just listening- I was so grateful for the opportunity to do just that for a few hours Sunday afternoon. A few hours to sit and sew- I didn't even turn the radio on- although I may have talked to myself a bit! I think like a baby my senses get over stimulated by the busyness around me and I can get out of sorts- a few hours of quiet is balm for the soul- the whir of the sewing machine and the rain outside was music enough for me- plotting and planning what to do with that wool!

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