Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring Sewing For My Miss

       We headed to the Waterfront Skytrain Station early on Monday- initially intent on running a few errands- as we were moving through the station Miss Lo declared it her "favourite building in all of Vancouver". It gave me pause to slow down and look around at the space we were sprinting through. It is indeed a beautiful old building- epic ceilings and windows with casings so deep one could (if security allowed it) curl up for a few hours with a good book.

        Curious as to why my little Miss would pick this old train station as her "favourite building in all of Vancouver" I asked why- "because it's pink Momma"- of course how obvious! So we paused for an impromptu photo session- luckily she had her book du jour along for the ride- and as  mentioned the light was perfect -filtering through the grey sky and in through those huge windows- it was serendipitous!       


    While the weather is any thing but balmy out there right now we all know spring is on it's way- when it finally arrives I have no wish to be at my sewing machine- best get this business out of the way during the rainy season! This is exactly what happened Sunday afternoon when the Mr. took our kiddos into the office for a few hours- this Momma got busy and this outfit was born.

      The details of Miss Lo's outfit are a little sketchy as the dress is cobbled together from my slim knowledge of pattern drafting- it's not too tricky and yet there is no pattern I just made it up- but the fabric is from Lotta Jansdotter's 2012 line and it is a lovely soft cotton- the dress is lined with yellow cotton gingham which was scrap from another project. The awesome pants- which will now be referred to as MC Hammer pants (the kids have no idea what I'm talking about) are a Burda pattern #9493- a pair of my old jeans were re-invented into the softest pair of spring weight pants ever.

   These Littles seem to have grown each and every time we turn around- the vast majority of their closets are filled with Momma made or thrifted items. So much in this world is "marketed" towards us- kids in particular are susceptible to the latest character trends- we try and keep their clothing logo free, easy to put on, soft and simple. That's not to say you won't find any Batman shirts or pants or hats or paraphernalia in their room- it's just that we try to balance that out with quieter items- cause life is all about balance even in your closet!

p.s- brace yourself for more sewing posts in the coming weeks- I'm really excited by the discovery of some great new patterns and I want to share! If you have any sewing questions please feel free to ask- I will do my best to answer!

p.s.s- did you know you can follow Lotta Jansdotter on Facebook? Lots of inspiration and ideas to be found here!

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