Monday, February 18, 2013

A Peek at Our Weekend

       This weekend was all about connections for us- connecting to our friends and to our community. Friday night was the tale end of birthday week and luckily for us the beginning of the Lunar New Year festivities - the obvious thing to do was head on over to the Vancouver Art Gallery for the Dumpling Festival. Delicious dumplings for our Friday night dinner followed by a wander through the amazing Lantern Jungle.

       Saturday found us at another birthday party for an awesome five year old out in the suburbs- we all had a super time catching up with our friends and getting super messy with paint in our hair- and eyes and ears and armpits. Once the party wound down we found our way back downtown and to  
Red Fish Kids Clothing on Hornby St- we love this store! The perfect combination of well curated kids books, toys and objects with their own amazing brand of clothing- Miss Lo is a big fan!

       Red Fish has just launched it's brand new kid's book club- purchase ten books and the eleventh is on them! The selection of story books is fantastic- we love scouting around for interesting and special books that engage not only our Littles but Mum and Dad as well- after all right now we are the ones reading the same book over and over! Saturday was marked with a celebration that included yummy treats like caramel corn & pink lemon aid as well as readings by designer Lorraine Kitsos- lots of caramel corn was eaten and a new story book purchased- as always we enjoyed our time spent there!

       Sunday was a much quieter affair- this Momma went out on the town Saturday night with a hand full of good friends- possibly had way too much fun and stayed up way too late! Needless to say I don't do that sort of thing often- some would argue I don't do that sort of thing often enough- at any rate I needed sleep and so the Mr. took our Littles to the Chinese New Year parade- with all the dancing lions and Poppers  reports of the best parade ever are still being issued!

       I love that this weekend was all about fun- as most of our weekends generally are but this one was full of parties and celebrations, friends and cake- all topped off with a much warmer breeze stirring through the air! I think for me the best part of my weekend was connecting with friends- I think for myself anyways it is so easy to get caught up in my daily life- the blinders get put on and I just focus on the tasks at hand. Being around other like minded creative people takes those blinders off and fresh ideas or points of view are put out on the table to consider- it widens up my world view which often gets quite small.

    In response to my rather cranky post on Friday this was exactly the remedy I needed- a reminder that we are indeed all rowing along together in the same boat- we just need to look up and connect with those around us in order to make the rowing a little easier! Thank you friends- that was the best birthday gift ever!

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