Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday Stroll- Lynn Canyon

       Yesterday dawned cloudy, cold and yes raining again- now as promised I am not complaining just stating the facts- it was a bit damp out to say the least. Our weekend was deliberately and luxuriously slow and lazy- I spent every spare minute curled under a blanket reading a book while the Littles and the Mr made elaborate Lego structures- listening to the giggles and disputes erupting from the living room was music to my ears! Sunday was no different- we had a long morning that stretched into afternoon- cooking and kitchen dance parties, fresh espresso and eggs- all the good things about a lazy Sunday morning. We decided to do a hike that would inject a bit of excitement into the day and so we went in search of Fairy Doors in Lynn Canyon.

     We decided to hit one of the most popular spots in Lynn Canyon- the Suspension bridge and hike to Twin Falls- hoping that due to the weather it would be not so busy however even on this grey day it seemed that a lot of people had the same idea as we did! The scenery in Lynn Canyon is spectacular with the remains of old growth forest combining with breathtaking water falls. Opening in 1912 as a tourist attraction the cost to cross the suspension bridge was .10- now it is free- apparently the only thing in Vancouver to go down in cost.

     The Littles loved all the exploring and while this is not a trail to let them run too far ahead they did have their share of freedom- I would be remiss if I didn't say that in spite of the safety fences this Momma is more than a bit nervous of heights and hands were held through most of the hike! This is most definitely not a hike to do with strollers as a great deal of the trail is stairs- however  a carrier would be perfect for non walkers. 

     As part of the Baden- Powell trail which runs from Lynn Valley up to Grouse Mountain- there are some fairly rugged spots of terrain to this trail and LOTS of mud but anyone who can do stairs can do this hike- although a bit of bribery in the form of chocolate was added as incentive to get up the last set of stairs!

      With the exception of the stairs this was a very leisurely hike- lots to look at and identify- currently the Littles are interested in moss and bark- well trees in general- they will tell you all the different parts a tree has if you have five minutes to listen! Post hike we all snuggled up in the van with hot chocolate and made our way back downtown- the echo of the waterfalls still roaring in our ears and the silence of the forest surrounding our hearts.

P.S. if any of our friends are interested Lynn Canyon is FULL of Fairy Doors!


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    1. so fun! I highly recommend looking for fairy doors no matter what age you are or where you live;)


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