Friday, January 25, 2013

Cozy Tea

       This afternoon found me with embroiled in a bit of problem solving- there was a break in the incessant rain and the Littles wanted to hit the park- which was fine and well except that it was my 1:30 Latte Break. Every day between the hours of 1:00 and 2:00 I make it a point to stop what I am doing and enjoy the ritual of pulling myself a fresh espresso or steeping a pot of tea- I like to kick back with what ever book I am into and let the rest of my problems ( the dishes) fall away. OK so the timing was not really an issue- I can take my break any where- including the park- where the problem solving comes into play is that I realised my favourite mug has a giant crack in it- I did not want to risk taking this downstairs where it might end up broken on the ground. So I grabbed an empty jar- which is not that weird around these parts for cold drinks- but turns out hot drinks in a jar are very hot!

      Sitting in the park watching the Littles whiz around on their scooters I started the problem solving- remembering a similar conundrum faced by fellow blogger Maya from Maya*Made- and I searched my memory for her solution to this too hot on the hands problem. One very quick search through the Maya*Made archives and I had a quick solution to my "problem"! Quick as quick can be I had this little jar cozy sewed up in under ten minutes- it took me a few minutes to figure out my colour way!

     All I did for this lovely little bit of spring business -that will keep my hands warm (not hot) and my beverage warm (not cool)- was line up a variety of strips of felt- mine is 100% lovely wool and I accented it with a bit of dotted salvaged fabric. Directions are as follows:

- measure the circumference of chosen drinking vessel and cut felt accordingly to length- as well figure out how tall you want this cozy to be- mine is about 3" tall but it will vary depending on the jar used.

- line up all the pieces and sew all together using a straight stitch- I sewed a few extra lines of stitching that are purely decorative.

- using a snap set from the fabric store- or buttons- measure and attach closure

- fill with delicious hot beverage of choice and enjoy!

     I put this little dandy to use right away and even though I had just had my Latte Break I decided I needed a Tea Break just to test things out- plus the Littles were engrossed in some very serious Lego play and were not to be distracted!

     Sipping hot tea I sit and dream of warmer days ahead- camping and maybe even surfing this year- it is on my "To Do" list for my 37th year on this planet! Thank you Maya*Made for the inspiration I think I might make a few more of these pretty little Tea Cozies!

Friends I am not sure how this slipped my mind but it is Friday again! We are up for one more weekend adventure on our last Sunday Stroll of January- hard to believe an entire week has flown by let alone a month- but there you have it February is just around the corner! My wish for you this weekend is that you are warm, snugly and slightly tipsy in your little piece of this universe! Happy Friday Friends!

P.S.- if you haven't followed any of the links to check out Maya's blog do it- now- you will not be disappointed! You will notice she has an awesome invention on her jar called the Cuppow- I am ordering mine as we speak!

P.S.S.- next week I will try really hard not to complain about the rain- I promise!

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