Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bits & Pieces

     Some bits and pieces recently downloaded off my phone - out takes of ours lives really- I always have my phone with me and am forever taking pictures! So from the top let me take you on a semi guided tour :

- I am always intrigued by people leaving their mark in the world- this one happens to also be my initial
- Point Atkinson lighthouse at sunset
- kelp & surf- amazing translucent colours
- sandy toes- Zoom shoes from Redfish Kids Clothing 
- Hunters & driftwood- thought about bringing this chunk of wood home- was  heavily discouraged
 - how quickly the weather changes- a fresh dusting of snow making everything look magical
- bundled Miss- who has decided she has had enough of this winter business
- snack time- Aurora apples from the farm and zucchini muffins from JJ Bean
- a quiet corner of my life- also a rare occurrence
- an nod to our honey producing friends from Elizabeth Perry - just arrived in the mail
- and last but not least some quiet play time in the tee pee- dreaming of warmer days

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