Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Goodness

     I have talked about what big collectors we are several times in this space- our Littles are prolific collectors and year round we enjoy our nature ledge where we display all our treasures brought home from our wanderings. At a certain point though it almost becomes too much- too much driftwood, too many feathers, sticks and leaves- I also feel like really nature should be left for all to enjoy and not hoarded in our home. Enter in the Solstice Garland- a festive winter garland- and homage to the place we live- a way to say farewell to one year's collection and send it back to nature.

      We collected up our feathers, sticks, pine cones and shells- of course the Littles picked out a few of their favourites to keep for the permanent collection. Gathering up a few fallen bits of our neighbourhood to bring home with us on our walk today. A few red pompoms for a hit of colour- the rust of the Magnolia leaves and the grey of driftwood.

     I had a bit of help out on the deck with the bundling of leaves and feathers- Miss Lo was more than happy for a chance to get creative and be outside- something we miss during these days of rain. We quickly strung up our garland across the end of the deck- finishing it off with a few of our handmade tags from a few weeks ago.

      On the shortest day of the year when the earth is sleeping it's deepest sleep- regenerating for a new growing season we will head out to our special place- Spanish Banks and let go of our collection- send it back to nature- and look forward to all the treasures we will find next year!

P.S. I should also mention that only the natural bits will be given back to nature- the string  and pompoms will be removed and the ornaments ( although they are clay) will go into the decoration bin for next year.

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