Friday, December 14, 2012

Beach Day

     I have lived in this city by the sea for over ten years now- ten years-it still feels like I am on vacation sometimes! It is so vastly different than the place where I grew up- a rain forest as compared to a semi arid desert that is about as different as you can get! I was talking about this with a friend from my hometown yesterday- she is in a similar situation- a transplant to the coast- and similarly she still gets excited about it. I am quite sure that this is why I never get tiered of heading to the beach to explore or just relax or play- it is my favourite place.

     So yesterday when the looked to be rain breaking and the Littles were climbing the walls and driving me nuts I made a snap decision- rain gear on we are going to the nearest beach. Granted it is not spectacular - it is in fact right by the Port of Vancouver- which was great because we got to watch boats and cranes and helicopters as well as discover a giant red jelly fish and some giant kelp.

    So the Littles played- pirate and restaurant and Miss Lo drew this picture of me in the sand- yes I suppose that is how I looked before we went outside- my hair standing on end. I hovered near by not wanting to interrupt but still keeping them safe- that's how a city parents operates- hovering but staying just far enough away.

  Chances are my kids will not roam the neighbourhood on bikes or fall out of trees- for sure no one will ride a bike off a cliff and require stitches! Parenting is so different today that when my parents were in our position- or at least it is for us living in the city. I constantly worry about giving our kids the chance to be bored and use their imaginations- the opportunity to fill their days with activities is tempting. I love how they use their imaginations though and I would rather foster that right now than have them in full time school or classes.

       So we go to the beach- with no toys- and they played and stretched their imaginations and just listening in on their whispers from behind the rocks was oh so good! The rain held off for a few hours and before we knew it is was lunch time- everyone trooped back over the bridge in the light rain that was starting to fall again- roses in our cheeks and sand on our hands.

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