Monday, December 3, 2012

The Peak Of Christmas

        This weekend- while the entire population of Vancouver was at the Santa Clause Parade we headed up into the clouds to experience an authentic taste of winter. Those brisk wintery winds I keep complaining about whistle down from the North Shore mountains across Burrard Inlet and right through our neighbourhood. That incessant rain I whine about can mean only one thing- that up on those mountains there is snow- fresh, clean, snowman building snow!

      Grouse Mountain is the closest ski hill to us and every year they host The Peak of Christmas- packed with activities for every age of kid- including the big ones! With plenty of room to roam around, build a snow fort or a snowman and then slide down a hill there is loads to do even with out the Christmas activities- however how can one say no to an 8,000 square foot outdoor skating rink?

      We could not have asked for better conditions to help us into the Holiday spirit- as we rode up the mountain on the gondola the rain slowly turned to snow and the forest below transformed from green to a winter wonderland. When we emerged at the top we stepped out into gently falling, huge, fluffy, packable snow- how perfect! 

      The Peak of Christmas has a couple of very special visitors- two of the Big Guy's personal reindeer are on hand at the reindeer habitat- stick around to hear the reindeer ranger talk and find out why Vixen is sporting only one antler this year. Not to mention the chance to see Santa himself in his workshop to share your Holiday wishes as well as leave a donation to the S.O.S. Children's village.

    I'm not going to lie- I love to skate- when we were kids the Peachland Riding club had an outdoor rink that they set up every winter. We would race home from the bus stop- throw our lunch kits in the door and grab up our skates. We would skate for what seems in retrospect like hours on end or at least until dark which was the signal to head home for dinner. I remember skating with my mom and thinking that she was the best skater I knew- she could do a cross step corner- pretty fancy stuff!

     I have not been on a pair of skates in at least six years- since I got pregnant with The Boy- when I set foot on the ice I was a bit wobbly to say the least. First I took The Boy for a couple of laps and then Miss Lo- who did not want to stop and so we just kept going. After about an hour I was feeling as though I have always skated- I guess it is like riding a bike and like riding a bike I felt like a kid again. Going faster and faster, feeling my cheeks getting hotter and the snowflakes sticking to my lashes, my skates catching a bit to remind me not to get too confident- I truly felt twelve again if only for a few minutes.

     Before we had our wee babes my Mr. and I were really "outdoorsy"- as in we would rather be outside than inside. I feel now that our Littles are emerging out of the wee baby stage and into this amazing thing called childhood we as a family are able to embrace our love of the outdoors again. In my opinion the most awesome thing about being a parent is showing your kid something new and seeing their excitement at learning a new skill or doing and experiencing something never done in their lives before! And I have to say being told you are the best skater- even though you are a bit wobbly- also feels pretty good!

P.S.- last week I had a little give away for a pack of Draw Me A Lion Colour Me Postcards- the winner is......Becky Bliss! If you could message me and we can arrange for you to get your prize!!! Thank you to everyone who comes here and supports me- I will be having more fun give aways in the New Year!

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