Friday, December 7, 2012

Surviving the Christmas Crazies

    Friends it is Friday once again and I for one am looking forward to a weekend spent nesting and readying myself for our Christmas vacation which is only weeks away at this point. Most years we try to get home to our families- we are so lucky to have such a beautiful place to go home to! The logistics of a Christmas spent away can be daunting though- gifts to be finished off, wrapped and passed out before we leave, trying to get visits in with our adopted family here in the city, baking to finish, bags to be packed with every manner of clothing from bathing suits to snow gear- my list is seriously runething over!

    I know that I tend to be a bit of a control freak and so with that in mind I am turning towards a handy wellness guide- picked up at my Chiropractor's office. My Chiropractor- Dr Stephanie Bonn of Coco Chiropractic is a lifesaver- she helped me managed to work through both pregnancies almost till the end- easing my sore back and numb hands. Once again on my path to wellness she has become a key player- going to see her every few weeks is becoming a bit of a ritual- a time out for Momma if you will!

    Dr. Bonn has put together a comprehensive guide to having a gentle and stress free holiday season- I know I will be following a few of these tips for myself! She suggests making a list of the five most important things that you personally want to accomplish in the month of December - projects like writing Christmas cards, having a Wrapping party and Purging your home in preparation of the incoming gifts. Of course not to be missed out is one essential tip that will be for front in my mind- Balanced Holiday eating- trying to eat well balanced meals through out the week because you know that on the weekend you might over indulge! Uh yup- just maybe!

My Holiday "To Do" List

1) Plenty of family time- it is the most important thing on my list right now- I feel like this is "the year" where our kids still believe in magic and Christmas and they are still sort of little. I just want to soak it all in and spend as much time doing what our kids want- if that is tobogganing then off we go- if it is Lego than in we stay. What ever they want to do I am in!

2) Baking for my friends and family- I know, I know, I am supposed to be watching what I eat- but I love to bake! I am going to take this opportunity to do as much baking for other people as I can!

3) Shopping the Farmer's Market- I know I always talk about the Vancouver Farmer's Market- we do most of our marketing there every weekend- but it is so much fun! The hustle and bustle, the musicians, the coffee and being outside- this is my idea of community and what a better place to spend my Holiday dollars!

4) Visiting- we are going to try so hard to get a visit in with all our friends and family here before we head off for twelve days! We do see each and everyone of our friends often so to me this isn't a guilt item on my list- this is a fun thing to do- lets get together and eat something delicious!

5) Christmas Cards- last but not least my one big "To Do" is to get that stack of cards that is fermenting in the studio out to all our loved ones across the world- how shameful to have a card company and not mail any out!

   Thank you Dr. Bonn for getting me started narrowing down my Holiday goals- a lot of things fell by the wayside when I had to think about my top five important goals- which to me indicates they were not all that important to begin with!

    So friends this weekend you will find me relaxing with a latte while my girl dances her heart out, followed by a trip to the Farmer's Market - of course cause that's just how I roll! May your mugs be full and your feet be dry!

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