Monday, December 10, 2012

Le Marche St. George

   Right on the corner of 28th and St. George in Vancouver B.C. there exists one of my favourite places on earth- great coffee, flakey croissants and amazing ambiance. Having just celebrated it's second birthday Le Marche St. George has achieved the perfect blend of well stocked pantry and your sister's kitchen- it is the sort of place where you just hope to absorb some of that ambiance by osmosis-  to carry a cozy bit of warmth with you out the door in your pocket.

    This past Sunday found us in a mellow frame of mind- after a great day spent with my Sister in Law and Brother in Law as well as their friends on Saturday we were looking to keep it low key. Now I should preface this entire post that up until this point Le Marche had been my special place- the place I go with no kids and no Mr.- to sit and drink coffee and day dream and doodle. So Sunday I decided to share- the Littles snacked on delicious Zeppoles (an Italian donut style treat) and the Mr. and I sipped our lattes and relaxed. Le Marche is super family friendly - The Boy and Miss Lo quickly discovered the stash of toys and made themselves at home.

   Of course I could not leave with out checking out the fabulous delicacies stocked on the shelves- squid ink pasta, teas, honey, local cured meats and cheeses, not to mention gorgeous linens and new pottery by the owner Janaki Larsen- I'm a big fan of her work. We came away with some locally made perogies for our dinner and some ever so soft linen towels for my kitchen- I could have happily come away with one of everything on the shelves!  

    My only really thing that I "needed" to get done this weekend was take a few pictures of the Littles to send out in Christmas cards- since Le Marche had some beautiful trees for sale I thought it might make a good backdrop- you can see how that idea turned out!

   If you have an hour or more to spare and are looking for a place to cozy up with a mug of something hot this is the place to go! I think for me what makes it so special is that it is really out of my way- not in our neighbourhood- and so I don't get to go there often- when I do it is always really special. Meanwhile I like to live vicariously through their blog- getting inspired and always looking forward to my next visit!

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