Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Whats in Your Beauty Bag?

     Recently I broke up with a long time friend- this friend and I had been through thick and thin, many boys and every fashion trend imaginable. This friend had been my one constant, my go-to- until recently when I learned this friend was actually not so friendly. That little innocuous yellow tube with a bee on it that was always in my pocket- ready to be pulled out at any chance I might need soft kissable lips- so minty- so environmentally friendly- so recently bought out by a multi national corporation. Yes I broke it off with my chap stick.

    It's sad day but one I know I can not continue to ignore- I know it's time to have a show down with my beauty bag- Mano a Mano. I have been phasing out conventional beauty products* over the last few months - as I use something up it is being replaced with something more sustainable and locally made- I am greening my beauty bag. Recently I received a copy of the Winter 2012 issue of Eco Parent and within those pages I came across an article on conventional beauty products that would make any one's hair stand on end- or fall out- depending. Furthering my resolve to rid my beauty regime of all  the seemingly green Plant- based Chemicals as well as the obvious Petrochemicals- I don't use any of this stuff on my kids so why do I feel the need to eliminate wrinkles with petroleum?

    What is a girl to do? I reached back into the recesses of my brain trying to dig out some old recipes I used to use when I was broke in high school- you know before I was wealthy enough to slather myself in chemicals. I used to wash my hair with Apple Cider Vinegar- or once with Mayo- this did not work FYI. My favourite beauty recipe was by far an oatmeal based scrub that could also double as a bath soak- great for winter and cheap as chips!

The Goods:

1 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup corn meal
1/2 cup lavender or green tea leaves

The Deal:

combine everything together in a food processor and give it a few whizzes until you get a fine powder- store in a jar- you are done- how easy was that?

To Use: simple shake a small portion out onto your hand and drizzle some water in- mix until you have a paste and use as you would any scrub on your face. The lavender is antibacterial so can help clear up blemishes, the green tea leaves are soothing for inflammation. To use in a bath place a few teaspoons inside a muslin bag and toss into your bath and relax - just like tea.  The oatmeal will help sooth itchy winter skin. Probably it is not a good idea to let this stuff go down the drain- but you can empty the contents into the compost- rise bag out to use again another day.

    I will admit that while I am willing to wash my face with oatmeal I am not ready to tackle making my own shampoo- I was so happy to come across this yummy little bar at our local Whole Foods- I was even more elated when I discovered it is made in my own hometown or Peachland! I can't wait to try it on my hair tonight. Of course I am still using my old favourite hand cream as well as their body bar now- from the folks at Sweet Earth Soapworks- the Uncle Willy's Old Style Lavender Hand Balm- absolutely my favourite beauty discovery this year- better than any conventional hand cream I have ever used!

    You might be wondering about my old friend the lip balm- who did I replace it with? Well I have tried several "natural" and even home made chap sticks but have finally found bliss in an all natural version from Jane's Honey- made by the same bees who make our honey! Local beeswax from local bees- how much closer to the natural can I get?

  *my use of the term conventional beauty products refers to any product manufactured for a corporation- any popular brand sold in stores- although in the past I have tried to use "natural" or products with "organic" components- these terms often mean little when combined with Petrochemicals

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