Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Chains and a Mini Give Away!

     Did you ever make paper chains when you were a kid? I sure did and our mom put them on the tree year after year even after they were beyond repair- I still have my first paper chain made in kindergarten inside my Christmas decorations box. I can only assume it is due to these fond memories that paper chain garland is one of my favourite holiday crafts.

  This is such a basic and relaxing project- the perfect way to unwind and warm up after a morning of school and an afternoon at the beach! To make this really a one step project we used pre-cut lengths of paper- I made them all the same so our project would have some uniformity- and all the Littles had to do was glue.

    Of course like everything we do we had to go big with this project- twelve meters big- perhaps a world record? We set out to make the biggest chain we could and in a couple of hours it was finished and ready to be hung up- luckily we have a long run of wall from the living room to the beds rooms that accommodates such footage of paper chain!

   I think this weekend my dress mannequin (pictured lurking in the bottom left hand of this photo) will go into storage and the Christmas Tree will come out. I do love this time of year so much and cant wait to share all the holiday elfing that is happening behind the scenes around here- I don't want to ruin any surprises!

       With Christmas songs filling my head I thought I would have a mini give away this week- a fun pack of Colour Me Postcards from Draw Me A Lion. I have talked about this awesome creative company here before- brought to you by Lisa Cinar- creator of all the fantastical creatures at Draw Me A Lion. Hands down her projects are some of our favourites- conveniently Draw Me A Lion has awesome colouring pages that fit neatly rolled up in a tube- perfect to fit into a boot for St. Nickolaus Day!

The Deal:  there are a couple of different ways to enter this give away- Comment on this post, sign up to Follow Weekdays- From- Scratch or Like Plain Jane Designs on Facebook- or do all three! If you sign up to Follow me or Like Plain Jane come back here to Comment that you have done so- at the end of this week I will draw for that pack of fun postcards!


  1. Love this! We are making a paper chain tomorrow! And of course I like plain Jane designs on fb, b/c you are amazing!

  2. you're work is always inspiring .. I am a huge plane jane designs fan on Facebook

  3. I 'liked' and still do like plain jane designs :-)

  4. We love paper chain and Draw me a Lion and Plain Jane and Weekday from Scratch!

  5. Aww I totally remember those paper chains! Great idea as usual sister! XO


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