Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Took A Walk in My Neighbourhood..

"This city is a ribcage: you are the heart"

    Sometimes we are so in this thing called life we forget to stop and look around. Coming to this space, thinking about what is worth putting here, and then the follow through - holds me accountable for being present, looking around and catching bits I may have other wise missed. Take today for example- a completely ordinary day- except for the colour of the bricks against a blue jacket, the brilliant yellow leaves on a rain slick street, the vrooming of a car speeding along an imaginary race track. 

    When you consider what is this crazy ride called life all about- it's these little things that matter most. More than a better apartment, more than better shoes, more than a clean house- in my opinion that is anyways. I realize we can't all live off of warm fuzzy feelings and someone has got to pay the bills- but man I would not miss these days of doing nothing for all the days of doing something! 

 I know my time with our Littles is short- as my sister is fond of saying " they are only this young right now". Tomorrow they will know something different, tomorrow they will be older- maybe they will tell you to stop being silly, maybe they will start colouring in the lines, maybe they will ask to borrow the car keys. It's all going too fast- I say put on the breaks I want to stop and look around a bit- I want this time right now to be forever.

    I didn't start off this post aiming to be all melancholy about how fast life is going and how big my kids are getting- I wanted to write about this really great roast beef sandwich I had from Big Lou's! Needless to say we had a fantastic walk today- complete with a mini photo shoot- trying to get a shot for the Holiday cards being mailed out soon. Apparently as you can see we are raising a couple of comedians- I think the photo below is the winner-  Grandma will be so proud!

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it"
Ferris Bueller


  1. nicely said. I love my mondays, they are the days when the kids and I aren't scheduled and I like to keep it that way. we're free and we take it in, recharging from the weekend and prepping for the week ahead. I wish I could have mondays like this forever.

    1. It just is going too fast eh? I love who they were as babies, I love who they are as kids and I love what they are turning into- every single day I am floored by something they say or do!


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