Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sew Easy- Bath Hoody Tutorial

      I like to give really use full gifts and so when I heard the news that two new wee babes will be coming into the lives of some dear friends I started to think about the gifts we received as new parents. The item I kept coming back to has proved to be infinitely use full - a friend of my family sewed each baby a bath hoody- simple yes but oh so good!  Today I thought I would share the very easy instructions for the bath hoodies I have been working on lately- along with some yummy, locally made baby bath products these are a great go to gift for expecting parents.

Hooded Bath Towel Tutorial
The Goods:
 1 meter of terry cloth fabric 
1 large store bought bath towel
4 meters double fold biased tape
matching thread

The Deal:

Step 1: 

-Measure out 30" x 30"( perfect size for a baby burrito)- and cut out

- an easy way to cut a square  is to position your fabric so it is flat and square to the edge of a table- get out all wrinkles- bring the bottom right corner of the fabric up to the top left corner forming a triangle- use the top edge as a guide to cut off the excess- effectively forming a square.

- use the extra fabric and cut a triangle that is 16"x11"x11" ( this is the hood)

- to round the corners of the square- place a plate in the corner and use it as a guide- trace a rounded edge and trim- do this four times to the main towel and once at the top of the hood piece.

Step 2:
- Start by enclosing the long edge of the small triangle with the binding tape- open up the binding tape and sandwich the towel in the middle- pin and then sew in place- catching both sides of the tape.

- Lay the triangle across one corner of the main towel- pin in place and stitch down trying to stay as close to the edge as possible- you don't want this stitching to show

- Enclose the entire towel in binding tape. Make sure the edge of the towel is flush with the centre of the tape- pin and then sew into place- making sure to stitch through all layers.

- When you reach the end trim the binding tape- allowing for about a 1/2" extra- tuck this up and sew down over top of the beginning point- covering all raw edges.

     Apparently even big kids like new bath towels because like with everything I sew I have two more requests from my own Littles- I am not sure if the realise it is not a super hero cape! For a larger child you can just increase the size to 40 x 40 for a really sumptuous bath towel- big enough for a kid burrito!


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