Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Hangover

    Happy November First everybody! Today I am running a bit late- too much sugar and excitement last night meant we all slept in this morning- in fact Miss Lo is still sleeping! There is a distinct feeling of today being the morning after a big party- a bit quiet- little bits of debris scattered about- a Lego Captain America hand here and a pair of Monarch butterfly wings there. I am not in a hurry to start today-just easing into November!

      Yesterday Miss Lo and I decided to bake chocolate cupcakes- yes using Fair Trade Cocoa- and they turned out really well! As mentioned in a previous post we opted out of the candy treats this year and handed out bubbles instead- after we had gone Trick or Treating in our building the Littles invited their friends over for a sweat treat.

     Our Halloween did not end with Trick or Treating in our building- oh no! We went over to Lovely Cousin Laura's neighbourhood and did a loop around the block there- the rain held off- amazingly- and the Littles got a few more treats before settling into Lovely Cousin Laura's for some home made pizza and movies.

    Below is a picture of three of the most fantastic costumes I saw all night- Captain America Lego man, a Reverse Mermaid ( genius) and Miss Lo the Monarch Butterfly. We had such a fun time and I cant lie- I'm exhausted- I am going to go make myself another latte and snuggle in with the Littles for a movie this morning- clean p can wait until November 2!

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