Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

       We are in full on Halloween mode here today! Everyone is gearing up for parties at school followed by a special spooky lunch at home with haunted crafts to follow- the afternoon culminating with Trick or Treating of course! We have already been busy at work with the Halloween crafts- a few Jack- O- Lantern portraits and some ghoulish ghosts to fill our hallways!

      These cute little ghosties come courtesy of my friend Caro- I spotted them at her house a few weeks ago- she was prepping for a crafternoon at her daughter's Montessori. I though these guys were just so cute and fun we would give them a try- we used neon green instead of white for a bit more of a spooky look.

     This is the perfect craft for Halloween afternoon- quick and easy- all you need is black construction paper (we made  black cats earlier this week and so had to improvise with a painted background) Thinned out white or neon green paint and a straw. Dab the watered down paint onto your black background- place the straw close to the paint and blow- this is airbrushing at it's most basic! Once you have achieved optimum ghost shape allow your paint to dry- afterwards add googly eyes for silly effect!

    Of course we had to get those pumpkins carved and all ready for tonight- so the Littles did the dirty work of getting all the pumpkin guts out and then they drew on their ideal Jack- O- Lantern faces- I once again did the heavy lifting and wielded the knife to do the actual carving. Miss Lo was very specific in her face - however the Boy is much more of a conceptual artist and I had to decipher his drawing but this is what we came up with.

    The costumes are hanging and ready to go- Miss Lo and I have discussed wand etiquette and The Boy is practicing being in character- they are just too excited! If I had wings like these I would be excited too- this costume is everything Miss Lo has been dreaming of- glitter, tutu, wings, ribbon! I have no wish for today to speed by- but I know in a few short hours the knocks on the door will cease and these Littles of mine will crash from the excitement- the Mr. and I will kick back on the couch with a glass of wine or a beer and Halloween 2012 will be put to bed.

     Weather you are 3 or 23 I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! Don't eat too much candy!

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