Monday, October 29, 2012


     On Friday when I posted about the calm before the storm I had no idea how apt that would be as it was indeed the calm before a whole lot of rain! Here on the West Coast we may not have to worry about Hurricane Sandy but we have our own special brand of incessant fall weather settling in. In spite of the rain as any good Vancouverite will do we suited up and hit the field on Saturday- this is what junior soccer in Vancouver looks like- we are moving indoors next month but for now the Littles joyously squished through inches of mud running drills.

       Of course nothing warms a person up faster than hot chocolate and pancakes at our old neighbourhood diner- The Grove Inn- we haven't been there since before kids and so it was fun to take them for breakfast and then show them our old apartment. We settled into the cozy old diner and reminisced about the old days over cups of bad coffee while the Littles coloured and sipped their hot chocolate.

     Sunday we played it simple and stayed very close to have- what few plans we had fell by the wayside in favour of completing Halloween costumes, knitting and cooking chicken masala. The sun peaked out for a few minutes in the afternoon affording us a brief respite from the rain- Miss Lo and I headed outside to soak in a few rays- a bit of water table action happened, a latte, a few rounds of knitting and a chapter of my new book- Homegrown & Handmade. I am planning for our future while sitting on the deck in the middle of the city- dreaming and knitting- in a sliver of sunshine.


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