Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thrifted Thursday

     This Thrifted Thursday is in the bag- literally! All summer long I have been searching for the perfect wicker purse and not too long ago I came across this little number at Community Thrift and Vintage. It fits everything I need just perfectly - not too big and yet not too small, my mom assures me it is very 60's as she had one just like it " back in the day"!


        I think that the pictures speak for themselves- there really is not too much to be said about this perfect little wicker purse! Plus I am feeling rather lazy and like I need a nap- the Littles and I spent the afternoon at the beach in the sun and fall breeze. It was like balm to my soul- yesterday was a bit of a trying day with a couple of very sensitive toddlers so I seized today and the amazing weather as a gift and soaked it all up. We had a picnic on the beach and made sandcastles for hours, on the way home we stopped to watch a seal playing in the kelp and then continued to wander home along the seawall. It really was a perfect afternoon and although this post is about my purse- the purse really pales in comparison to the events happening around it!

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