Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Donuts- the new Cupcakes?

        There is a new kid on the block- with treats at eye level for some in a vintage display case these donuts are hard to pass up. More a decedent treat than say your average donut - with flavours such as  Mexican Mole, Citrus Dust to  Maker's Bourbon Bacon- thats right a BACON donut- it just happened!

      Located at the base of the Hotel Pennsylvania every thing about this petite treat factory is tasteful- even the Kraft paper boxes and matching business cards. Allegedly this is just a pop- up shop location until Cartems finds a permanent home- since it is right up the street from our house I hope the pop- up becomes permanent!

    According to the Cartems web site most of the ingredients that go into these little tasty gems are as local as possible- giving the donut connoisseur a higher quality donut plus the warm fuzzies knowing they are about to eat a sustainable treat! If a bacon donut isn't your thing there is a vegan donut for you! If you are my dear cousin- there is a gluten free donut for you! These guys have got it covered!

     Lately I have seen the popularity of the donut rising with all sorts of recipes on the interwebs and Pinterest, big name donut shops like Voodoo in Portland are gaining international reputations so it really make sense for this trend to catch on in Vancouver. Move over Cupcake Girls here comes the Donuts!


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