Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh Summer I Love You Still

     Oh Summer I do so love you- please don't leave me- I will change- I will be the Summer girl you want me to be! I will paint my toe nails and wear sandals, I will bare my shoulders with out the use of sunscreen, I will drink beer on the beach and coffee at the park, I will pack endless buckets of sand bound by fate to become sand castles.  I will do all this and more if only you stay!

   Please don't leave- we still have holes to dig and kites to fly! There is so much I feel like I missed out on this Summer- I want to go camping just one more time- to sit around the fire eating smores and listening to the frogs peeping. I have so many more hikes planned that didn't get hiked. I want to shop for my groceries outside with food grown only a few miles from where it is sold! Oh Summer please don't leave!

      Oh Summer if you need to go away please return as soon as possible- I am not sure how long I will last with out you. I have no desire to layer on protective rain gear and boots- I prefer to be barefoot and bare shouldered- my summer clothes are so much more comfortable than my winter ones- less confining- less itchy. 

     Please summer I will only ask one more time for you to stay- I have my pride after all- if you must leave than just know I will be here - waiting for you still in eight months- right where you left me on the beach. XOX

P.S.- Friends today as you well know is Friday! May you have a sunny and summer filled weekend wherever you may be- I hope you soak it all up and store all that summer goodness away!

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