Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Fall!

    Fall, it seems, decided to enter with a bang the other day- we went to bed and it was muggy, woke up and needed sweaters- yes it's true Fall could not wait to get here fast enough! Even though I love Summer and all it's abundance a part of me is a bit relived to now have an excuse to tuck in with a book or movie and not feel guilty about "missing out" on spectacular weather. With that in mind we did the exact opposite the other day and headed to The Cove to spend the first full day of Fall outside.

    Some members of our little family still feel it is Summer and therefor refuse to put on a sweater of long sleeve shirt- he also may have wanted to go swimming but as a responsible parent one has to draw the line somewhere- and so it was drawn there in the sand- yes to short sleeves- no to swimming!

    We love exploring Deep Cove and every time we head to the shore there is something new to check out- this time of year are the giant maple leaves. Of course no trip to the Cove is complete with out a stop at Honey's Donuts- OK and I admit- I may have stopped in at Room 6 as well!

   Some may accuse me of trying to wax poetic when I say that the trees look like someone came in and painted them in the night- but it is true! I don't remember all this colour from Friday- now Hello! Bonjour! Red, Gold, Orange and still plenty of Green- Fall is just ramping up for the main show I know but this preview is not to be missed!

ps. - of course lets not forget the sweaters and boots- oh how excited am I to see them again!


  1. I love the photos! And love this post, last week I was thinking I'm not ready for summer to be over. But suddenly this weekend when the air had that fall smell, now I'm thinking of soup recipes and wooly sweaters :)

  2. Oh I'm jealous. It's still pretty warm here, although with the fog cover in the mornings I get to pretend and wear a sweater for a while. Some leaves are changing but it's not as beautiful. Oh I love a good cloud cover and cozy sweaters and boots.

  3. Soups and sweaters are on the menu for sure today! We have had the Fall fog on the city for the past 3 days!

  4. I am ready to switch to fall attire, but the weather in the prairies is not cooperating. It's going up to 23 C today, and very sunny! I could use a cold drink on a patio...


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