Monday, July 9, 2012

These kids- they are growing like weeds!

     My babies are growing up- figuratively and literally. I know this is what everyone one wants is for growing healthy kids, but all this growing does come with a modicum of sadness for me as I see my little ones growing out of wee little baby clothing into massive big kid clothing. I pack away their cute little clothes, I remember when I bought them and sigh, I give them a final sniff and put them into the box of things I can not bear to part with.

   These babes of mine are no longer babies hey are full on kids, something my 2 year old has been telling me since she started talking; " I no baby, I big kid" was and still is Lo's favourite saying. This one in particular is growing like a weed, clothes that I bought too big last year in anticipation of getting more than one season out of have gone into that box. That brings me to my decision to garb these babes of mine(for really they will always be wee babes to me) in as many home sewn garments as I possibly can.


    It just makes sense economically, at this size a pair of shorts is half a meter of fabric and an hours worth of time. At this age is makes sense to take advantage of dressing them in home sewn goodness as they are not remotely aware of the mega giant retail industry who is out there lurking waiting to convince some hormonal mother to spend $78 on baby jeans- yes I briefly considered them, they were very cute!

    I love Oliver + S patterns, once figured out they are very straight forward and easy, plus insanely cute! I have made the Puppet Show Tunic only once but am planning a few more for the fall. There are a heck of a lot of steps and tailors tacks but it all comes together beautifully. Plus the length is perfect for a gal on the go!

   The bottoms that go with the Puppet Show Tunic are the easiest shorts I have ever made! They have cute little gathered pockets and are really more bloomer than short. Lo paired them here with a vintage chemise that I found at Community Thrift and Vintage. Her hat was found on sale at the Gap- some things are necessarily a justified purchase!

ps- the benefits of home sewing are enormous and political, I could go into depth all my reasons behind home sewing but I chose to focus for the moment on the pretty details like my Grandmother's vintage buttons that grace the back of the Puppet Show Tunic


  1. But this gets hard when you don't have any skills. I'm pretty sure I could make a pillow case dress, but that's about it. Not sure what I could make for the boy. (sad face)

    1. I think anyone can read a pattern and sew something from scratch. I know it can be really intimidating and things don't always work out- I have a shirt that I started at Easter languishing on my sewing table because I can't wrap my head around the finishing on the neck. But if you start out slow & easy and gradually build from there. Keep in mind I have been sewing for 26 years(approx) a pillow case dress is a great place to start! I know you can do it!

  2. So cute Sharilyn! I wish I had your skills.

  3. The material for the shorts is perfect! And you are exactly right, it's just following steps one at a time. The hardest part is being patient and measuring twice and pressing everything!

  4. If you are interested the fabric is circa 1934 by Cosmo Cricket for Moda fabrics. Its pretty yummy and I wish I had bought more!


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