Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's a table runner! A.K.A. something for Mamma

    This past Saturday I got to do something that I never get to do, I haven't done this in months- possibly in years. I went shopping by myself! I didn't really need anything in particular although I had the vague idea that since my Birkenstocks had cracked in half I should look for some new sandals. At any rate 10:00 am on Saturday morning found me getting dropped off on the side of the road in the middle of my favourite shopping street- South Granville! Eeee! thats right I squealed!

    The Mr. had taken the kids for a hair cut and a movie so I felt like I was in no rush to get home, I tried on clothes till my little hearts content. And didn't buy anything. I hit all my favourite interior's stores looking for inspiration to freshen up our space. I am in our home a great deal- I would say I am often home 20 hours a day. So I am constantly looking for ways to spruce the place up and make it interesting, similar to our nature collection our home is a constantly evolving exhibition.

     A wonder through Restoration Hardware was a breading ground of ideas for me. Also known as inspiration or appropriation in the arts world but more commonly known by the rest as stealing of ideas. Thats right folks I get my ideas from other places, things I see and love then change to make my own! I don't come up with this stuff on my own!

     At Restoration Hardware there was a plethora of "hand made" quilts and throws on sale, lots of linen, and loads of neutral tones. I let all this inspiration ferment for a few days and yesterday while my babes were chilling out in the shade on a hot afternoon I came up with this little table runner. I had a whole bunch of left over grey linen from a top I made a while ago, I pieced it together in a fun way- part of the goal was to use up as much scrap as possible. I backed the whole thing with a piece of sturdy Belgian Artists Linen.

      My last stop of the day on Saturday was one of my favourite stores- The Cross Decor & Design- on the corner of Davie and Homer in Yaletown. I love this store and if I could just sit one of their chairs and smell the candles and look at beautiful books and people all day I surely would! The cute little succulent pictured above came home with me as did some John Robshaw tea towels. The lantern pictured is also from there but from last summer.

    Now our deck is almost the oasis I am dreaming of- the final step is to sand and paint the coffee table, maybe put some new castors on it, paint the planters, get a new run, sew some cushions.... "Love Where You Live"!

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