Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Me Made May

       Yesterday marked the first of May- and it's just so fitting that a movement such as Me Made May should be starting on May Day! The first of May traditionally marks the halfway point of Spring- also known as Beltane- an ancient celebration of longer days. In addition to being a celebration of Spring May first also marks a day when major shifts in the labour movementstarted to happen in the nineteenth century- for workers rights and freedoms- along with the eight hour work day! With Me Made May following on the heals of Fashion Revolution week this just feels all sorts of right- increasing workers rights and freedoms and striving to make the planet a healthier place.

    So with this in mind I am really excited to share some of my recent makes- as well as more fun outfit posts through out the month. As mentioned in previous posts one of my main goals as a maker is to seek out materials that are sustainably produced- which works considering my long term love affair with linen! Being cognizant of my material use and wastage is also on my radar- I want to use my materials in the most effective way and produce as little waste as possible.

    Now either I am an environmental warrior or just your run of the mill suburban fabric hoarder- either way I have a large collection of scrap fabric just chilling like a villain in my studio.  While a part of me would love to have a clean minimalist studio free from all clutter and scrap this is just not the case so what is a girl to do? Enter in the Bombazine Mitt- a quick I.G. search will show all sorts of clever people using up their scraps in the most artistic ways- I was soon swept away by the scrappy possibilities!

    I am simply in love with this quick and easy little pattern- I may have made several of the oven mitts for myself all ready- who said Me Made May needs to be worn on your body. Oh and did I mention this is a free pattern? Oh yeah- no better way to my heart than something that is free and actually works! Check out Bombazine for other fantastic sewing inspo- there are several pieces I am now convinced to try for myself- up next the In The Folds Jumpsuit! Why is everything from Austrailia just SO cool? I'm always interested to see what other's are sewing and making- are you taking place in Me Made May? If so lets connect!


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