Friday, April 15, 2016

In The Field: Orca's Island

            This time last week we were pawing through our camping gear and preparing for an island weekend- we were headed to Orca's Island in Washington State. This place has been on our Summer bucket list for the past two years- one of those places we keep meaning to visit and have yet to make time for. With some truly unseasonably warm and dry April weather we made a rather last minute decision to head out on an overnight adventure to the island.

           April on the West Coast is traditionally very wet, rainy and grey- this is not at all the case this year- I will admit I have been lulled into a false sense of Summertime! We all have faint tans starting to show- the sandals have been out for the past month or so and I can't remember the last time I dragged out the umbrella! That said I did manage to remember extra wool blankets- we are tenters after all!

         Orca's Island is situated just South of the 49th Parellel- making the boarder crossing our only real distance to cover. Hopping onto the Anacortes ferry which is only about a half hour from the actual boarder and setting sail towards the gorgeous San Juan Islands. As someone who is not Island bound the novelty of taking a ferry anywhere is still high on my list of favourite things to do- I love the disconnect a person gets as soon as the mainland fades away.

          While there are quite a few beautiful looking resorts and B& Bs to stay on we made our way to Moran State Park- which was quite unlike any state park we have camped in. Situated a little inland around two lakes the park is massive- I feel like we only experienced a very tiny slice of the beauty to be had. If you go be sure to reserve a spot- on this particular sunny weekend the park was packed and we were lucky to have found a spot close to the washrooms!

          These short little camping trips are really the best way to hit the reset button- we all unplugged completely- which for me these days is a pretty big deal. We took our books, our paints, the knitting, the coffee and of course there was the lake. The boy practiced his wood chopping skills and both Littles learned to light a campfire on their own.

         By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around the biggest complaint was that we had to head home. With weather like this it was hard to remember it's still April- we still have school and work! So we packed up and headed to the ferry- only to discover it was full. So we parked in the standby area and went in search of ice cream- obviously! If you go be sure to make ferry reservations!

        Friends it is Friday! Yahooo! It's crazy that I am saying this but as you read this we are headed East this weekend back to the Okanagan. I'm hoping for some time to sew, drink coffee with my Momma and visit with my sister- oh and I am sure there will be wine! Happy Friday Friends!

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