Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In The Studio

          These days in the studio I have been focusing on smaller and more portable projects- small items that I can come back to weeks later. I will totally fess up to having been in the ceramic studio only a handful of times over the course of this busy, busy summer. I am looking forward to cooler days that are spent closer to home- turning my energies towards the work I am growing to love.

         For me these necklaces really bring together two things I love- textiles and clay- working with colour and texture to create one of a kind pieces. I have sold a few and in fact these pieces were destined for my web shop but have been snapped up before they even had a chance!

           I promise two things that first of all I will be back in the studio sooner rather than later and second of all more of these ceramic gems will be available for sale again soon! My time in the ceramic studio is so important- my time- my quite time! Soon I will return but meanwhile there is sunshine to enjoy and tomatoes to be eaten- hooray for the end of summer!

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