Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hiking: Bowen Island

         One of our favourite places to visit is Bowen Island- I have written a few times about my love for this place- stepping off the ferry in Snug Cove always feels like coming home. I love everything about this place- how it feels so much like where I grew up- Bowen Island is everything I could possibly want. And so it is no surprise that when we need to get away from everything and just regroup this is where we head.

          The disconnect between life in the city happens almost immediately- the short fifteen minute boat ride encourages all our worries to stay behind at the dock. Walking through the town really is just like what I grew up with- roving gangs of free range kids on bikes, skateboards and foot. Our family of course heads straight for the forested trails that we love so- exploring and wandering as we go. Into the forest- quiet nature calling our names we follow the trail starting in town and head for Killarney Lake. A stop at the fish hatchery is always a must- bugs, snails, frogs, sticks and snakes- so much for the Littles to stop and take in.

          This visit was the first time we managed the loop to Killarney Lake and back- pausing for lunch in the fields by the equestrian ring- sandwiches in the sunshine. This year both our Littles are big enough to pack their own packs- for the most part of the day- Dad picking up the slack near the end of our hike when little legs get heavy. The trails to Killarney and around the island in general are quite easy for people of all hiking abilities- a nice easy stroll if one sticks to the trails.

          Of course there is so much in town to explore as well- down at the docks our favourite Shika is open for the season once again- stop in for a rice bowl or a cute plant. The ice cream stand is packed on a sunny day- we often opt for lemon slushies- a perennial fave. If one happens to hike up Bluebird Trail to Artist Square lots of cute shops and galleries can be found- my favourite Wren Boutique offering all sorts of goodness! Of course a stop at the smallest candy shop is a must and is often the bribe to walk just a little further- the promise of a sweet treat.

          Bowen Island is truly one of my favourite day trips- it has everything a person could ask for- great food- great coffee- a brewery- wonderful little shops and galleries not to mention all the outdoor space a person needs. The proximity to Vancouver and transit make this such an accessible place to visit- would arguably make for a tolerable commute into work! A full day spent outside soaking in the sunshine and forest is often just what our family needs- topping us off for another week in the city.

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