Friday, March 20, 2015

We Like To Ride Our Bicycles

         As Spring Break draws to a close it has become quite evident that there is a bit of a them happening this year- sunshine- new runners and bikes- lots and lots of bikes. Every year our family likes to make a bit of a bucket list- fun things to tick off as the year unfolds- at the top of the kid's wish list this year was to learn to ride their bikes with out training wheels. First of all I love that this was our kid's wish- not to go someplace or do something extravagant but to ride their bikes with out training wheels- as parents this was something we could easily give them.

          I really have to give credit where credit is due- the Mr. has been riding with them all winter- on the weekends when I have been at work- it was only a couple of weeks ago that the training wheels came off and I happened to be there to witness the big moment. It's the Mr. that has given these kiddos of ours the confidence needed to ride on two wheels! First The Boy wobbled off- careening across the field and through a group of people who luckily turned out to be friends of ours from school. After seeing the success of big brother it was only a matter of minutes before the training wheels were off Miss Lo's bike and Evil Knievel replaced my little girl- off she went.

           Sometimes I am still amazed that these Littles are not so little any more- the things that they come up with on their own astounds me- their choices in style amazes me and their physical abilities  often leave me in the dust. With this new found skill they have gained new freedom which will take them miles I have never seen- hopefully in countries I have never been- these wobbly first bike rides are the beginning of a wonderful new adventure!

         Friends it is Friday- the weeks are just flying by for us- we blinked and Spring Break is over- I hope you all have a peace filled weekend- much love and happiness! Happy Friday!

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