Friday, February 27, 2015

Year Of Making : Wiksten Tank

          As 2015 marches on so too does my year of making- this is shaping up to be the best year of making ever as items are completed and put into immediate rotation. My latest project involves the reworking of a top I made in the fall- which I posted about here. Initially I sewed a lose tunic style top out of soft Cotton and Steel fabric- it was just too big and I was never really happy with it so this week I decided to revamp it into a simple Wiksten tank.

         I have sewed a few other Wiksten tanks- while the pattern is a quick and easy sew- perfect for a beginner- I have made a few modifications to the original pattern to make it a tad more flattering to my shape. The great thing about these little tanks is that from here on through to next Fall they will be an integral part of my wardrobe- perfect for layering now- wearing singly in the heat of Summer. These days my home sewing is becoming more and more calculated- I am trying to really curate my handmade wardrobe more than I have in the past- instead of becoming swept aways by print and pattern in the fabric shop I am considering what I will actually wear in my daily life.

       So too is that extending to my choice in accessories- for my birthday I treated myself to a gorgeous statement necklace- handmade by  local Vancouver ceramic artist Gailan Ngan- available through the Jealous Curator's online gallery- Gallery One. These days I am feeling the need for simple- strong shapes in my clothing choices and I think this necklace echoes and compliments the textiles. I love fashion- I really love knowing where my clothes-  where the fabrics of my life come from. By shopping locally as in the case of my new necklace and by having a hand in the creation of my wardrobe I am taking a pro-active role in the clothing supply chain.

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  1. Good morning, Sharilyn! It looks like we will have a lovely weekend the way it is looking outside right now!

    Love your refashion to a Wiksten Tank. It's great that you are building a wardrobe you love, including that gorgeous locally made necklace!


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