Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thrifted Thursday

          This Thrifted Thursday item will be familiar to a few folks already as it has quickly become my favourite item to throw on this winter. A long-woven - wool vest- I suspect it is handmade as there are no tags and it is quite rustic- it just has that made by hand feel to it. One day last month I was hustling up Carroll St to get over to the school for child pick up and as I was speed walking past Community Thrift I noticed this gem in the window- I didn't stop. I obsessed all the way to the school in the pouring rain and decided that if it wasn't there on my way home then it simply wasn't meant to be- thats just how I shop.

         Well clearly the vest was still hanging in the window upon our return- had it not been such a miserable day out and the streets deserted I am sure this would not have been the case. Luck and the Thrifting Gods were on my side that day and I walked away with this beauty- truly a thrifting score! To me this vest evokes a totally 60's art teacher vibe- I can just imagine some complicated housewife sipping gin and tonics while perhaps spinning ceramics on the wheal or rushing off to a life drawing class.

        Lately my style has been described as cozy- more specifically like a tea cozy- and I do feel this to be the case. This fall and winter has been all about the layers of wool- the more layers to keep me warm and cozy the better. This vest fits that bill perfectly- keeping my back warm and my arms free- for anyone who works with their hands will tell you this is a key issue when wearing sweaters. At any rate as mentioned this is one of my favourite pieces to wear this season!

PS- also my super cute shoes are thrifted from the Salvation Army- they were brand new- handmade in South Africa- another mega score for this fall!

PSS- yes I know that is coffee in my cup- this is an older picture from over Christmas- the super cute mug was handmade by my friend Andrea- the tea challenge is still on!

PSSS- why yes that is a glorious tassel hanging from my neck! It was gifted to me by my secret Santa- Portia who makes all sorts of glorious tassels!

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