Monday, December 22, 2014

On Our Way!

        Hi all- fist of all I should give apologies for going MIA right in the middle of peak blogging season- it seems everywhere I look on the old inter webs I see adorable children posing in front of perfect trees- perfectly sorted craft projects and beautiful dinners. My reality these days is that I would rather be creating these memories not documenting them- I have perfectly adorable children- as is evidence in 98% of my blog posts- and I have been enjoying our time together this past week. I'm just putting the camera down and being very present in our moments- savouring it all and watching in wonder at these small beings I made.

     It's so strange this year- with the mild temperatures it really feels like anything but Christmas this year -yet as you read this we are indeed on our way to the Okanagan for our Holiday festivities with friends and family. I feel like we have every single item of winter outdoor gear locked and loaded- we are ready for any fun that will surely come our way! I'm so looking forward to laying my eyes on the hills as we come down off the highway- a sure sign that home is close by- seeing the twinkling lights of Peachland and the lake that lays at it's feet. While my wee family has been back and forth over the mountains I have not been home since the summer- I miss my home- my heart- the lake.

       This year feels a bit more pared back- a simpler Holiday season in comparison to years past- all my hours working has really brought into focus what is important to me this year- bringing into focus the balance I'm so desperate to establish. I feel like my world has shrunk to a few small city blocks- spending my time in December shuttling between the school- home and work- I am ready to stretch my legs and have an adventure- it's long over due! As the light starts to return and the days grow longer I am excited by thoughts of new beginnings- growth- light an so much love!


  1. It's been nice to "meet" you this year, Sharilyn. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas in the Okanagan!

    1. Melissa it's been so nice to "meet" you as well! Merry Christmas from all of us!


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